Who is Tijuana Morris and what has she done for our State of Michigan, and what has she done for the our City of Detroit?

Hello, my friends, I have lived and worked in Detroit most of my life. I am committed to creating 1). a Safer Enviornment for our City as well as our State, with accountable for the actions involving our Law Enforcement Agencies, as they relate with our Business associates and the citizens in our community. 2). Healthcare for all. Healthcare is important, How does this relate to the Detroit Police Department? Assessing our environmental situation; dangerous buildings open vacant dwellings create unsafe environments for our children and family/seniors that live as in our Communities, an initial Health needs assessment during an investigation involving police officers, on  police runs, is vital, this could also address (ATOD) Alcohol, Tobacco, Other Drugs, that may be an issue involving mental health problems 3). Education is needed for all. We need to address/Stress Sensitivity Training for Law Enforcement, this will create a better relationship with the Businesses and Citizens that live within our Communities. As your “Elected” Detroit Police Commissioner, for District 7, I will assist other Detroit Police Commissioners in hosting forums to educate the Community and Businesses  on all the above issues. I am the only Female Candidate in this campaign

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